About Our School

The Training Center was established in 1982. The school was founded by John Moscatiello as a practical education solution for boiler operators seeking careers in plant operation and maintenance. Taking a unique approach to teaching, with a focus on the adult learner, the school quickly expanded with locations across New Jersey.

Rather than force-feeding lines of bullet-points, our students learn through short, concise, visual lessons.  Through discussion and stories of practical experience, students retain information effectively.  Directed by a team of professional instructors, whose industry experience combines for over 60 years, our programs are offered in a broad range of areas within plant operations. 


The Training Center is the only school of it's kind that guarantees your education. If you enroll in one of our programs, attend all classes, and complete any assigned work, we guarantee your education. Should you fail the exam, you may return to the program, at no cost, until you pass the state exam. 


In 1982, John Moscatiello combined his experience as a plant professional with his masters degree in education and founded this school. His unique and entertaining approach to teaching has led to hundreds of successful careers and lasting relationships with industry professionals everywhere. John passed away May 8, 2017 after a long battle with cancer. His spirit will forever be the foundation of our school.


The Training Center team is comprised of course directors, administrators, media developers, plant operators, and interpreters. All of whom are dedicated to the students and partners of The Training Center.


The Training Center team is proud to be opening a brand new company headquarters in Wrightstown, NJ.  Centralized between all of our NJ training locations, this facility will serve as our main office, while also be hosting a broad-range of specialty seminars in the future. It is expected to open by January 2017. Stay tuned for updates.